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Moving Brands launches Weare

7-8 Charlotte Road, 23rd January 2008

Written by Catherine McColl

According to the Moving Brands representative giving the speech (who was like a tearful parent watching their child leave home) the Weare launch party was to celebrate the coming together of social media and fashion. He talked about this concept as if it was the Second Coming. I was slightly disappointed when he revealed a scarf, rather than Jesus. This scarf (modelled below) was created from image contributions sent to a window gallery at the Moving Brands studio. Over 500 people participated, creating a garment designed by the consumers rather than simply for the consumers. This hands-on approach to design allowed anyone to participate, which is why the scarf featured everything from phallic symbols to Pac-Man. Apparently, the first suggestion for the launch garment was a cape. Personally I think this would have been amazing. Imagine – you could swish around the streets like a modern day Dracula. Maybe this is what Norton and Sons, a bespoke tailor of Savile Row, were thinking when they agreed to be the first to collaborate with Weare. Count Dracula was a dapper man after all.
The night gave me an insight on the future of designing and even if it was just in the form of a scarf, the concept was something a bit different than a launch for a lip-gloss. The Moving Brands employees were more than happy to talk and interaction seemed to be the theme for the night – there were blocks of post-its stuck onto the wall and you could re-arrange or remove them to your own delight. There was also an interactive table-top featured in the room, I wasn’t quite sure why it was there, but I suppose it went with the general theme of the evening. I felt like I was in a science dome.
I’ve never done a shout out before but I’m sending one to the exceptional waiting staff – my champagne glass never emptied. Wow. I feel like Tim Westwood now…

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4 Responses to “Moving Brands launches Weare”

  1. Anon says:

    Wow Moving Brands splashed out on their models.

  2. Model no.2 says:

    Great concept.
    Great scarf (cape would have been better).
    Great dad speech.
    Great interacting.
    Great Tuscan Mules.

    Great girrrrls!

  3. Jolene says:

    The movable post-it notes sounds like the most fun in the world!

  4. jimbob says:

    I agree about the waiting staff º they were all from “The Rivington” on Rivington street EC2A (just around the corner from MB.

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