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Nikoline Liv Anderson Interview

Fashion Designer, Copenhagen

Written by Jennifer McNulty

Nikoline Liv Anderson was introduced to me by our previous fashion find – Mia Overgaard – and her work was just so edgy and interesting that I wanted to know more about her too:

When did you decide to persue a career in fashion design?
I’ve always known that I wanted to work creatively, ever since I was a little girl I loved dressing up funny. Looking like a clown one day and a crazy old lady the next. I’ve always painted a lot and wanted to be an artist. In high school I found out that I wanted to work with fashion – in the way an artist works with their paintings.

What are you currently working on?
For the last couple of years I have been working on branding my name and my work. One of the ways for me to do this is to do shows and exhibitions around in Europe. That is something I really love. At the moment I’m working on a couple of new exhibitions.


What designers do you admire?
I love the colours and the craziness of the Danish industrial designer, Verner Panton. I absolutely love the beauty and the femininity of Christian Lacroix. I also love John Galliano’s expressive style.

Your work seems quite avant garde – in an Alexander McQueen or Gareth Pugh vein. How do you feel about these comparisons?
I take that as a great compliment. Thank you so much! They are both extremely talented and do absolutely amazing stuff.

Does their work influence you at all?

I get fascinated when I see their work, but my inspiration comes from inner thoughts, feelings and dreams than from other fashion designers.

Who or what inspires your work?

I’m always telling a story with my clothes, styling, music and setting. I try to work aesthetic with sometimes harsh and thought-provoking subjects. My working table is very important. I work the best when I’m surrounded by a lot of colours, pictures, textile samples, dolls and music. In a space that is far from reality. I also love to have people around me because we can inspire each other and have fun while working. It’s important to remember to sing, laugh and dance frequently.

How would you describe your personal style?

I like to mix a lot of different styles using a lot of colours and I love shoes with very high heels. It doesn’t interest me at all to go into fashion stores,my clothes are often vintage.
I also have a fascination with odd old ladies, for instance the Danish actress Anne Marie Helger and fashion journalist extraordinaire, Anna Piaggi. I love it when people are not afraid of experimenting and going crazy with their clothes and styling. When I get old I want be as cool as them.


What was your internship like with John Galliano at Dior?

It was very rewarding. I was in heaven working a place where everything was made by hand and rarely by a computer. Furthermore, it confirmed to me the reason why we should work without compromise and always seek the magical moment where design and art meet.


You still live in Denmark – would you ever consider living anywhere else in the world?

If something very interesting comes up I would definitely consider moving but Copenhagen is a paradise on earth. It’s a very cosy city, it takes you 10 minutes on a bike to go everywhere. There are beautiful beaches and a lot of nice cafés where you can enjoy a drink in the sun. The city is very young and creative – everybody seems very happy and impulsive.

Have you ever been to London – how does it compare?

London is an amazing town – much bigger than Copenhagen. If you go for a walk in Copenhagen you always meet somebody you know.

Thank you for your time Nikoline. I now really want to visit Copenhagen.


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