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19 September 2007

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Myself and three of the design team at the lovely Amelia’s Magazine headed down to Gloucester Road – where all the swanky hotels be – for the SuperSuper/ Vauxhall Fashion Scout Show last night. Why did we bother? I don’t know. I felt uneasy about going as soon as it was mentioned… just not my bag baby… but we went along, thumb look safe in the knowledge that there would more than likely be something for us to laugh about. We spent an hour queuing. Oh Yes. Here we are (below)…


Now, abortion may I add we wouldn’t have queued for this amount of time had we not been moved from the left side of the building to the right side roughly five times, with false promises that this is exactly where the press should be. What started out as hopeful, soon transpired into an understanding – that the jumped up door staff were only letting in their jumped up friends. I swear the guy with the Guest List was actually an actor, just pretending to hear the cries…

What really topped it was when “Katie” – who the fuck is Katie?! – was called by one of the camp doormen over and over and over again in this desperate “Kaaatie” sort of tone, because the poor cow had a bag. By the time she managed to squeeze through, massive hat still just about balancing atop her special head – there was some guy carrying her bag for her. NIGHTMARE – this was a nightmare, but absolutely ridiculously hilarious at the same time.

The other hooded, Michael Jackson-esque doorman was so far up his own arse I could have cried for him, it must be horrible up there. “Can press, celebrities and anyone credible PLEASE come forward” was a great line, especially as everyone pushed forward dramatically, some raising their hands, others shouting their names or publications, occassionally sparking attention from behind the metal bars. “Oh my God darling come through. Can you all move aside please? Make some room, come on!?”

My back was aching, I hadn’t smiled in an hour, nor had anyone else, what was this? What really ruined this lovely little set-up that they had going on, was when the 40 year old resident who was staying in the hostel above this glooorious venue came barging through the glam crowd demanding that she needed to get to her room. She was sort of sneaked through so as not to cause too much of a fuss.

So, anyway after all of this kerfuffle, the venue owner comes out to announce. “We are full to capacity.” What A Joke. He stuck to this statement loosely, as the actor with the Guest List (I did feel for him – he seemed like a nice guy) proceeded to let in Wayne Hemingway’s daughter and her buddies along with another few “credibles.”

SuperSuper? SuperStupid more like.

Photography: Matthew Bramford at Amelia’s Magazine
Models: Jess, Sophie (the sexy one), James at Amelia’s Magazine

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  1. Hey!

    I apologize that you didn’t get in to the SUPERSUPER SHOW (to laugh at us!?;),,,, we were a bit overwhelmed by the number of people who turned up on the night and a lot of people unfortunately had to be turned away because the audience far exceeded the venues capacity.

    I’ll send you a special DVD when it’s edited.

    I love Amelia’s Mag, i always rip it to pieces to put on my wall & in my scrapbook/sketchbooks: it’s very beautiful to look at.

    Sorry for the queue!

    Best wishes & kind regards,

    Julian Roberts

  2. katie says:

    hey amelia, i think ur doin this lecture with us at epsom on thursday, just catchin up with the blogs an came across this one.
    im really sorry u didn make it to the super super show although i dont understand y u didn step forward an say u were the founder of ur magazine!
    we got there an hour early an walked staright in, i pooed myself, never been to anythin like it. think steve got slightly annoyed 2 find some of his students hadn even been asked who they were or if we had tickets yet the doormen wouldnt even let in the girl with the hugest platforms and yellowest hair which would blatantly attract press!
    to be fair i was blown away by the shher craziness of it, felt so out of place. we werent expecting to go for a nu rave show coz like u its not really my thing but we did n i just felt so small in my loose shirt an pretty pretentious buckle boots. It was an experience but im sure u hav seen it all before, what did eveyone else think? look forward to seeing you on thurs amelia if u get this, ciao! x

  3. Amelia Gregory says:

    I didn’t actually go to the Super Super party, so these are not my comments. I was playing the banjolele with my band Cutashine. I prefer a bit of folk music of an evening meself, better than most fashion week shenanigans
    A x

  4. Anon says:

    This supersuper review cracked me up. We got there around 10.30, jumped into the guestlist queue (even though there wasn’t an actual list),to find a party with NO drink, populated by people dressed like gigantic cartoon characters taking themselves VERY seriously. Oh dear.

  5. Alex says:

    sophie may be the sexy one, but I have the biggest crush on james in the world, totes absed on this initial sighting.


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