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Princess Tina – I Heart Badges

Chez Amelia, 30th January 2008

Written by Catherine McColl

Princess Tina designer Beci Orpin is the purveyor of the finest accessories in town. Well when I say town, I mean Australia. And luckily for me, they got shipped express delivery into my clammy little paws. Beci Orpin specializes in kitsch designs (in a good way), often featuring woodland creatures nestling amongst the Russian dolls and fairy-tale castles on her bags and badges. Toadstools, squirrels, bears and unicorns all make an appearance – and how! As my experience of wildlife is more The Animals of Farthing Wood rather than real animals in real woods, these rabies-free designs suit me down to the ground. Although it seems that learning so much from television has also made me think that a unicorn can be classed as a ‘woodland creature’.
Other accessories from her collection include single ear studs to mix and match. Finally it’s possible to wear a bird in one lobe and a rabbit in the other. But if badges, t-shirts, bags or earrings are not for you – don’t fret, as there is a selection of wash bags that will melt your heart. They feature a happy tooth on one side and a part-decaying tooth on the other side (with an unhappy face). This bag should be used as a campaign for cleaner dental hygiene.
I am such a fan of this label, that if I was allowed to take the badges home, I would wear them all at once. (see below)



Photography courtesy of Christel the Music Editor who’s always rambling about feral creatures (she’s a fox la).

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4 Responses to “Princess Tina – I Heart Badges”

  1. Gina says:

    I well want some, init! Very cute

  2. Jack Daniels says:

    Where can I get some of these?

  3. lucy says:

    i think you should wear them all together!!
    they look cool!!

  4. Georgia says:

    These are so gorgeous!! ♥ ♥

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