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Swarovski Crystallized cosmos and lounge opening

Great Marlborough Street , 11th February 2008

Written by Charlotte Sallis

The Event: With the opening of the first Swarovski Crystallized cosmos and lounge inevitably came a lavish party, help more about and it came on the first day of London Fashion Week. A vast cosmos opposite Liberty’s, more about on Great Marlborough Street, Swarovski Crystallized is an impressively slick space with a ground floor showing off brightly lit cases of crystals and an open planned lounge on the second floor- the hub of the event. There were scattered mannequins modelling Swarovski’s collaborations with designers such as Emma Cook, Giles Deacon and Gareth Pugh, a trio of girl DJs accompanied by an extremely glum looking rollerblader doing circles and a projected catwalk show. The lounge effect was created by leather sofas and glass box tables containing crystals that, due to the light below sparkled like John Travolta‘s eyes. Extravagant Lily arrangements stood upon wonderful glass tables filled with accessible plastic crystals that common folk were taking sly pocketfuls of.


The guests: The event was busier than a guest appearance of a Big Brother contestant at your local nightclub (just to lower the tone). It was an effort to mingle, but mingle we did, and interesting people we met. First there was the Russian (below). He was a magician with a hat infested with badges, mind-boggling card tricks and a Japanese Jewellery designer assistant. Then there was the Irish web journalist (oh a connection), who thought I was Irish (second guess American)- good chat up line mate- imagine fat bastard from Austin Powers, but not fat. And then there was the hat lady who I think may have got tonight’s invite mixed up for lady’s day at Ascot. Despite the quirky mentionable selection, the general crowd were actually quite a hip bunch, and killer heels were widespread.


The refreshments: Male models from London Fashion Week may well have been doing a bit of overtime at Swarovski’s bar. Lychee Martinis, something elderflower and never ending flutes of Moet were the main tipples of the evening. And to line our stomachs were many nibbles from heaven- notably the hot buttery scallops in a seashell and on a rustic stick with a shell tip, all presented on a flora tray.

The Freebies: A delightful goody bag enclosing a £5 voucher (that will go far), a crystal transfer and a necklace that will stay in its preferred packaging.

The conclusion:
A warm and welcoming reception with no pretentiousness. Decent music, good shoes, great drinks, even better food, hot waiters and oh yeah- a great place with some stunning crystal drenched dresses and dozens of real crystals that would put Travolta’s eyes and fortune to shame!



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