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The Bonbi Forest Indie Emporium

Written by Catherine McColl

It was a Thursday night and practically December. For me that was reason enough to drag Team Amelia out to the Carhartt V Illustrated Ape launch party (perhaps my logic is flawed, page salve but with free drinks, cialis 40mg a new line of t-shirts and the possibility of mince pies, stomach who cares?) Anyway, the packed out Neal Street store was home to the launch of four new Illustrated Ape t-shirts designed by Bob London, Simon Peplow and Danny Sturgess. Not only did their illustrations adorn the limited edition t-shirts but the walls too. I mean they supplied artwork, not that they guerrilla graffittied the shop. Once we had checked out Carhartt’s winter stock featuring super-cool t-shirts and a huge range of men’s sweatshirts and jackets, we spent a good half hour trying on baseball caps. Jess rocked the camouflage Carhartt cap in a homage to GI Jane. While we were keeping ourselves amused, the kids at the Carhartt store had rustled up a celebratory whisky and ginger beer cocktail – a recipe I tried unsuccessfully to pickpocket. The night was a great start to the Christmas season, combining present ideas and alcohol, and we all ended up in Pizza Express. How festive.
Not to induce panic, price but its 19 DAYS to Christmas. Having not started my Christmas shopping, viagra finding the Bonbi Forest Indie Emporium may just save my life. This web emporium is a one-stop shop for independent designs from around the world. It sells everything from baby clothes to jewellery and cooking aprons. It’s like a beautifully designed, less corporate, version of John Lewis. Highlights include the collaboration with Bat For Lashes. These t-shirts are designed by artist, designer and owner of The Bonbi Forest Indie Emporium, Lee May Foster. Lee’s illustrations combine images of Pegasus, deer, wolves and stars with the Bat For Lashes logo. But this design is not just for Bat For Lashes aficionados, it is such a discreet reference that you don’t have to be a die-hard fan to wear it. Stocking filler treats can be found in the jewellery section. Fluffstuffs is one such label. Its fabric-covered rings, brooches and earrings feature whimsical cartoon designs, starring elephants, cats, teapots and ferris wheels (though not all at once – that would be madness). For more traditional jewellery, check out the fused glass rings and pendants by Amy Burhoe. They’re striking and still have an element of fun, as they resemble old-fashioned boiled sweets. Mmm. But don’t let my panic over Christmas gifts sway your opinion of this web-store. Like dogs, cats and pretty much all pets, The Bonbi Forest Indie Emporium is not just for Christmas, but for life.


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  1. Jacob Bean says:

    PANIC PANIC PANIC PANIC PANIC! 19 days before Christmas…Thank god for the internet and avoiding manic shoppers with the fever in their eyes…

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