Amelia’s Magazine | Exhibition: Unnatural Selection

Category: Art

Flames of Fire to Heaven adam ball
Flames of Fire to Heaven by Adam Ball.

This exhibition explores both the romantic and darker relations humans have with the natural world. It features work by the artists Adam Ball, Caroline List, Freya Douglas Morris, Sam Jury, Christopher Stevens and Fiona MacDonald.

“We are all familiar with Darwins theory of natural selection, whereby evolution is determined by favourable heritable traits. This is how organisms survive and thrive or else become redundant and hence extinct. Unnatural Selection as the title suggests is concerned with the distortion and perversion of this order of things. In this show we bring together a group of artists who through their own distinctive practice are interested in the notion that nature and by implication Man have reached an uneasy balance, an unstable equilibrium that oscillates between harmony and conflict.”

You can find out more at the website here.

Taman Negara adam ball
Taman Negra by Adam Ball.