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Climate Camp Break the Banks Lesley Barnes
Break the Banks by Lesley Barnes.

Climate Camp 2010 is nearly here… or to those uninitiated in the ways of Climate Camp I could also put it another way… the Camp for Climate Action is back. Yes, just to be confusing we have two names – but all roads lead to the same place.

As Climate Camp Cymru kicks off in Wales and Climate Camp Eire takes place over in Ireland, after three years of camps in the South of England we are this year heading to Edinburgh, Scotland.

We're going to be camping out next to the global headquarters of the Royal Bank of Scotland, at the same time as the RBS sponsored Edinburgh Festival takes place just down the road. We'll be there to highlight the role which the banks have in financing climate change, both in the UK with the funding of new open cast coalmines (yes, really) and abroad, with the extraction of the incredibly destructive tar sands. We'll be standing in solidarity with everyone fighting for climate justice.

Climate Camp No Tar Sands
No Tar Sands by Lesley Barnes.

On 19th we'll be swooping together onto our site – if you'd like to take part all the details can be found on this link here. Then we'll be camping out over the weekend, sharing skills and getting ready for a mass day of action on Monday 23rd August. Everyone is welcome to join us, and if you're coming from London please email london[[@]] for details on minibuses as soon as possible.

For more information about why Climate Camp is tackling RBS this year, please go to the official blurb on the Climate Camp website or see my blog about Smashing the Piggy Pinata outside the International Banking Conference, and also my blog about making sense of the Financial Crisis here.

You can crib up on tar sands here, and read more about open cast coal mines here.

Make sure you follow us on twitter for updates as actions take place, but better still see you there!