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Harry Pye's Values: Sartorial Contemporary Art

Harry Pye's third solo show at the gallery features painting and multi media art. The gallery is open Weds-Sat and by appointment.

Wed 29th September 2010, 01:00pm – Thu 28th October 2010, 06:30pm

26 Argyle Square, London, WC1H 8AP

Written by Amelia Gregory

Category: Art

Unite_by Harry Pye
Unite Against Fascism by Harry Pye.

Values is Harry Pye's third show at Sartorial Contemporary Art. Since his last show some weird shit has happened - he's moved house, been to Estonia, taken up residence at the Highland Institute for Contemporary Art... and done a lot of thinking. As well as paintings he has made in collaboration with artists that include Gordon Beswick, Marcus Cope and Rowland Smith there will also be a multi media element to the exhibition, for Harry has recently formed a band, The Values. Expect to pick up a free CD if you get along to the show, as well as a copy of the new Sartorial in house publication, Rebel magazine.

Hear more at the myspace page for The Values, and watch more on YouTube. And the Facebook event page can be found here.