Amelia’s Magazine | ‘Creative upcycling’ craft classes at the Papered Parlour

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At the Papered Parlour this spring you can learn screenprinting, silversmithing, jewellery recycling, sewing and quilting – or there’s the ‘Make your home a haven’ seminar … the Clapham arts venue is putting on a proper workshop bonanza.

‘Make do and mend’ is a key approach for Papered Parlour founders Claire and Louise, however ‘creative upcycling’ will be a key trend in 2011, the Papered girls believe. To this end, they have enlisted the help of up-and-coming London designers to teach at the Parlour, including designers Amanda Luisa, who will run the ‘Pimp my shoes’ class. Mia Jafari will teach attendees how to make a cape and Caren Hartley will run the jewellery recycling class – these being only three of the choices available from the Clapham outfit.

We recently attended an amazing silversmithing class at the Parlour – read our review here.

Classes run throughout the spring until 1st May at the Papered Parlour, 7 Prescott Place, London SW4 6BS.