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Wedding and Street Parties Round-Up.

Tipsy vicars, jelly shots, bunting, croquet and cheesy music; Kate and Will's don't know what they're missing down the East End on Friday. Whether you are looking for a street party, or a traditional booze-up, we have the best venues to crash a wedding!

Fri 29th April 2011, 11:00am – Sat 30th April 2011, 06:00am

Locations around East London

Written by Cari Steel

Category: Music

Illustration by Ali J

You might have realised by now, as I have, that our Royal Wedding invites have been lost in the post. That's alright, I didn't really want to go anyway. I mean, is anyone going to be cutting loose on the dancefloor at their reception? Doubt it; it's probably a treasonable offence. If Kate and William had any sense, they would ditch the pomp and get the 55 bus over to Shoreditch for a proper party. Which leads us to a round up of the best, most irreverent and alternative celebrations around the area. At the very least, call it a celebration for getting Friday off from work.

Royal Wedding Crashers Rooftop Garden Party
The Queen of Hoxton,
1 Curtain Rd, London, EC2A 3JX
11am - 6pm
Free entry & Free wedding buffet!  

Join the good folk at the Queen of Hoxton (great name choice for such an occassion) for a right ol' knees up in honour of the newly weds with entertainment, food and booze throughout the whole day. They're throwing a party fit for a king (sort of), so come and and enjoy coverage of the royal wedding on their sun drenched rooftop. They'll be recreating those comical wedding moments we've all experienced with Uncle Dave/Bob/Norman (please insert name here) making an embarassing appearance, as well as a first dance and classic ukele band to bring back those family wedding memories. Expect an OTT wedding cake, crazy croquet and a tipsy Vicar! They do not take any responsibility for wayward wedding crashers or cheesy disco tunes...

The Big Fat Royal Wedding
Royal Inn On The Park
Another one for the patriots, The Big Fat Royal Wedding takes place at Victoria Park's ever so regal Royal Inn on the Park and will be a day of food, drink, wedding DJs, dancing, and good old community spirit. There'll be free vodka jelly shots, a BBQ, and cheesy wedding tunes until the early hours. Find out more and get your £5 ticket here.

The Kate And William Croquet Cup
2-5pm, Victoria Park, Victoria Park Rd, London, E9 7BTA. Doubles croquet tournament for all abilities, run by Croquet East and held in honour of the royal wedding, with prizes including best-dressed team. Registration by email is essential.

The Royal Wedding at the Water Poet
The Water Poet
9 Folgate St, London E1 6BX
The wenches, libertine's and rascals of The Liberty of Norton Folgate offer revelers a chance to drink commemorative bottles of Truman's Consummation Ale, view a gallery taking a lighthearted look at the history of royal weddings, watch screenings from the East End Film Festival, have an on-stage shave by Jack the Clipper's barbers and be entertained by the Pearly King and Queen of Bow, a music hall act and conjurer. Oh, and keep an eye out for the Gin Palace, 'cause I know you all like that kind of thing.

The Royal Worming - Passing Clouds
Friday 9pm - 5am
Passing Clouds
1 Richmond Rd, Dalston E8
We can always rely on Passing Clouds to do something wonderfully alternative. Join them for The Royal Worming; A special day for the nation is a special day for Wormfood! Dress to get wed! Gypsy wedding, gangster wedding, posh wedding, pornstar wedding – the choice is yours……huge lineup and serious nuptials guaranteed!
Tix £7 before 10.30pm, £10 after.....

And as we've already suggested here, head down to Leonard Street where The Book Club will be throwing the mother of all street parties. It's going to get wild. Which is more than we can say for t'other wedding in Westminster.

Illustration by Ali J. Find her work here