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Oona Hassim at Woolff Gallery

Exciting oil paintings that capture the spirit of mass action.

Fri 27th January 2012, 10:30am – Thu 15th March 2012, 06:00pm

WOOLFF gallery , 89 Charlotte Street, London, W1T 4PU

Written by Amelia Gregory

Category: Art

Occupy London Oona Hassim
Occupy London 5th November 2011, by Oona Hassim.

I discovered the work of Oona Hassim at the London Art Fair last week and was most taken with her radical subject matter. I think it's quite important that artists take notice of political movements, and whilst these paintings don't comment on the reasons behind events they do capture the energy and momentum of mass action in a rather brilliant way.

Student demo Oona Hassim
Student demo November 22nd 2011 by Oona Hassim.

Oona explains:

I look at the physical structures of the city, and the energies and atmospheres of the people that pass through and around them. These are sometimes quiet moments where evening lights glow out from a backdrop of soft greys. At other times one is engulfed by a throng such as the swirling shoppers on Oxford Street, or impassioned protesters heckling with chants and drum beats, their waving banners shimmering and fragmented in the chaos. These disparate qualities of the urban environment leave one with a powerful visual and emotional imprint. I use drawings and photographs to further recapture them. I find that the act of drawing from life is like using an internal camera that stores all the sensations of that moment, the vividness of the colours, sounds and ultimately the atmosphere.

Anti Cuts demo Oona Hassim
Anti Cuts demo, March 2011 Piccadilly, by Oona Hassim.

Oona Hassim has been exhibited at the Woolff Gallery since 2002.

Gallery opening times: Monday-Friday:10.30am-6pm & Saturday:11am-5pm