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Hellohead Portrait Exhibition at Cargo

A unique and inspiring exhibition which will raise money for the National Autism Society: for one night only! (with workshops the following day)

Wed 22nd August 2012 – Thu 23rd August 2012

Cargo, 83 Rivington Street, Shoreditch, London EC2A 3AY

Written by Amelia Gregory

Category: Art

hello Ubercraaft by Rachel Green
hello Ubercraaft by Rachel Green.

For one night only, CARGO in Shoreditch will be holding hellohead, an illustration exhibition comprising of an eclectic mix of work from 60 illustrators and designers, who have contributed their time and work to raise money for the National Autistic Society. Come celebrate from 6pm 'til late.

hello John Stortz by Telegramme Studio
hello John Stortz by Telegramme Studio.

hello Lauren Crow by Miss Led
hello Lauren Crow by Miss Led.

The hellohead exhibition is curated by illustrators Lucy Joy (who memorably contributed a wonderful cut out and make carousel for issue 05 of Amelia's Magazine) and Rosie Shorter. It is based around the idea of a portrait-swap, with each contributor's name picked from a hat and paired with another at random; they were then tasked with drawing the other in their own unique style, producing beautiful, weird and wonderful results! Contributors include Jack Teagle, Holly Wales, Bob London, Gemma Correll, Pat Perry, Telegramme Studio, Pomme Chan, Kate Copeland, Pietari Posti, Miss Led, Tim McDonagh and many more who will be familiar to readers of Amelia's Magazine - some of which are showcased here. There will be a silent art auction of all the prints on the night alongside live portrait drawing, a pop up shop, an interactive set and lots more.

hello Matthew Green by Harriet Seed
hello Matthew Green by Harriet Seed.

hello Rachel Green by Ubercraaft
hello Rachel Green by Ubercraaft.

This year the NAS celebrates its 50th Birthday with the theme of 'friendship'. Embracing this the curators did a call-out for artists young and old from the NAS to be involved in the portrait swap project. There was a great response and all of these will also be on display at hellohead. On the following day, Thursday 22nd August, Zeena Shah & Bread Collective will be hosting screen printing and art workshops between 11-2pm for children with Autism and Asperger syndrome.

hello Samantha Dolan by Tim McDonagh
hello Samantha Dolan by Tim McDonagh.

hello Ruben Ireland by Gemma Correll
hello Ruben Ireland by Gemma Correll.