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Alice Lunt: Tea & Sympathy

Alice Lunt’s Tea and Sympathy is a trail of blood-and-tea throughout Brighton and beyond, as part of this year’s Brighton Fringe Festival.

Sat 3rd May 2014 – Mon 19th May 2014

Various venues: Morris & Jacques, Talk of Tea, At the Coach-house and Walk in to my Parlour.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Category: Art


© Alice Lunt: steep at the Brunswick Centre, London (2002)
How ironic, that whilst I was supposed to be posting this listing I suffered my very own miscarriage... the second one I have experienced in just a few short months. Alice Lunt’s work consists of four tablecloth pieces inspired by miscarriage, featuring a patchwork of blood and tea patchwork. The artworks are being shown in cafes/venues across Brighton (and one in the artist’s home in Newhaven). A fifth one will be made ‘live’ in a cafe/tea room during the Festival.
Alice Lunt Tea and Sympathy - stain

The ‘tablecloths' are made from scraps of white cotton from her bed sheets, pillowcases and a Nightdress that she has either stained with tea or with menstrual blood. These are installed onto tabletops in the cafes, each with different objects placed on top.

Alice Lunt Tea and Sympathy patchwork
Each piece works on its own as an installation; but they reinforce one another and their number brings to the fore the amount of time spent on the compulsive act of stitching. And the blood, too, marks out that passage of time.
Alice Lunt Tea and Sympathy sugar
The Artist cites the miscarriage of a much-wished for child (closely followed by her relationship to her husband ending) as the inspiration for making the piece. The piece was begun two years ago, in April 2012, around the time of her baby’s due date. And this piece was also a way to honour the conversations she had with other people, over cups of tea, as she was trying to come to terms with her loss; her grief; her shattered dreams.What surprised the artist was how almost every woman she spoke to, had a story to tell about pregnancy loss. And it was these stories that helped her through, rather than any words of comfort.


Alice Lunt graduated with a First in Fine Art (Sculpture) from Brighton University in 1993. She went on to an MA in Fine Art (Sculpture) at Chelsea. Her work is interdisciplinary, using a wide variety of art forms, but with a singular vision. She has made previous work which concerns tea-drinking: a one-to-one performance/installation, steep (2002/2003). She has performed in Glasgow, London, Krakow and Berlin, and returns to making work, after a number of years absence whilst raising her two young daughters.

© Alice Lunt: steep at Crystal Palace, London (2003)

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