Amelia’s Magazine | Lauren Baker presents THRIVE for Save Wild Tigers

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Lauren Baker Thrive art show

An eclectic collection of contemporary tiger-inspired art launches today at Sanderson Hotel. The collection is not only set to raise significant awareness of the plight of the wild tiger but also raise desperately needed funds to help to save the wild tiger before it’s too late.The artwork will then be auctioned at a Save Wild Tigers fund raising dinner at Belgravia’s Mango Tree on 20th May.


Art by Shannon Rose Lane.

Twenty artists have contributed artworks for Thrive, curated by Lauren Baker, a London artist who recently created an installation at Tate Britain. She also exhibits in galleries across the US and Europe and has art directed the windows of Selfridges. You can read more about her on our website here. Lauren Baker's most intricate work yet, The Crystal Tigress, will be launched at Thrive – a stunning life-size sculpture of a tigress head, encrusted with 50,000 Swarovski crystals.

Lauren Baker Thrive art show - Tigress

Lauren Baker's Crystal Tigress.

Lauren says, 'I am honoured to be working with such a talented array of artists who have all joined forces to create this very intriguing and special one-off tiger-inspired exhibition in London, all in aid of Save Wild Tigers. Sanderson offers an ideal back-drop for this exclusive collection and it’s so heartening to get the contemporary art community together to protect our tigers.'

Lauren Baker Thrive art show - mark powell

Art by Mark Powell.

Save Wild Tigers is a global initiative set up by Simon Clinton in 2010, with profits going to tiger conservation charities including the Born Free Foundation (BFF), the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) and the Wildlife Conservation Society of Malaysia (WCS). Developing creative and engaging marketing campaigns – it boasts support of global celebrities such as Joanna Lumley, Brian May, Gok Wan and Jimmy Choo.

Lauren Baker Thrive art show - Magnus

Art by Magnus.

Founder of Save Wild Tigers, Simon Clinton comments: 'In 1900, there were believed to be 150,000 wild tigers in the world. Today there are fewer than 3,500 across 13 countries. With a constant threat of poaching and a decrease in habitat, this majestic species could be extinct in less than 10 years if we don’t act now.'

Lauren Baker Thrive art show - chapter

Art by Chapter.

Artists exhibiting at Thrive include: Cassandra Yap, Chapter, Chiara Lisa Perano and Bellerby & co, Claire Bentley Smith, Clara Bacou, Chris Wright, Gary Hodges, Jane McCracken, Laura Lian, Lauren Baker, Magnus Gjoen, Mark Powell, Mikey Brain, Otto Schade, Pampa Louzao, Rohan Chhabra, Roger Hooper, Shannon Rose Lane, Thomas Knights and Yanskiy.

Private viewings of Thrive are available between 9am and 9pm daily.