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The Maccabees & Kid Harpoon @ The Roundhouse

The Roundhouse, Chalk Farm Road, London NW1 8EH, 16th Oct 2007

Written by Abi Renshaw

I’ve always wanted to go to a gig at The Roundhouse ever since it re-opened, but had never found anything fitting until tonight. For god’s sake! It’s where the trains used to turn around, it was always gonna be a cool place! Just wish some of the tracks were still in place. Instead I just imagined maybe a circus there, underneath the big circular dome. Well, at least until there was a bit of communal hush and the stage lit up blue.

Disappointed to hear the rumour that Laura Marling had pulled out, either way she wasn’t there. Marling was to be replaced by a man, but now a fully-fledged band, known as Kid Harpoon. I liked this guy ever since I saw him at 93ft East supporting GoodBooks (rubbish) and Fields (grand). He’s now backed by about five other people – including a guitarist named John who is just beautiful. Straight to the point, Kid Harpoon kick ass and if you haven’t seen them – do. I must admit I preferred him on his own (acoustic an’ all), but to play larger gigs like The Roundhouse, you need power and that involves a backing band with hot guitarists and a keyboardist (is this a word?) that looks a lot like my friend Jo! ‘First We’ll Take Manhattan, Then We’ll Take Berlin’, a favourite of the Harpoon fans who were pleasantly surprised by the talk that he was stepping in tonight. Kid Harpoon were an ideal warm up. I enjoyed the fact John had a Misfits t-shirt. The guy is shy and barely raised his head. Whilst the ‘Kid’ himself, looked comfortable at the front of a massive crowd considering I last saw him in a skank hole in Bristol.

I can’t remember their first song, forgive me, but their second was X-ray Vision. This is when the beer started to fly. If you were standing and had any sort of vision of what was happening on stage, Kronenbourg was soaking your back. Seems some people were a little excited about The Maccabees. I properly like this band. The fact that everyone knew the album inside out, made the atmosphere that little bit better. Gig’s when the album is new can be shit. No one is used to it yet and few get involved, mainly cos they don’t know what the hell is going on! However, tour a little while after and you get about 3,000 people singing it back. I just wish Orlando had worn his glittery cardigan. Felix didn’t disappoint, checked shirt as always. They pretty much covered the whole album. Lego, Latchmere and First Love destroyed everyone’s personal space… only to be kind of resumed when Toothpaste Kisses was sung. Hug everyone. The contrast was appreciated, and so was the fact they talked to us crowd. I hate bands that don’t bother. They suck.

This was a truly great night, worth every drop of beer that landed in my hair and every stomp on my foot. I’d see them a fourth time, but next time I’ll bring a funnel. Part-time shout, part-time beer catching. Deal.

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  1. My son is mad about lego along with star wars lego – many thanks for the information and facts!

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