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Q&A with Illustrator Natalia Nazimek

Fashion Illustrator, Natalia answers some of our questions to accompany some of her prettiest illustrations...

Written by Amica Lane

All images courtesy of the artist.

So can you tell me a bit about some of the projects you've been working on lately?
Most of my works on the website are a result of continuous recreational illustrating. Although I have been related to art for almost all my life, I haven't previously had a chance to learn how to use graphics software. I learnt it by trial and error, which took a little time! The first works were really simple, but now I pay more attention to details. It's very important for me to go ahead, to continue a progress, especially when I stopped doing this for myself and started creating projects for other people. Lately I have been receiving comissions for my drawings, which is a nice surprise, as I didn't expect people would like what I do. I hope to find more fans of my work.

What materials do you use when illustrating?

I create my works with Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw and generally, I use a photo as a… read more

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orla kiely image 6

London Fashion Week A/W 2010 Presentation Review: Orla Kiely

Here commences our coverage of LFW!

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fabric by Masanori Naruse

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New collective Duke Press puts the creative back into independent publishing. Contributor Alex Lee Katz attended the launch night.

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Unfinished Town courtesy of Jess Wilson Ever thought about starting your own publishing house? Talk about pipe dreams…Well look and learn from the boys and girls at Duke Press. It […]


Pecha Kucha: Death by Powerpoint?

Pecha Kucha is an evening of presentations mixed up with beer. Art editor and freelance illustrator Valerie Pezeron tested her not so developed showmanship skills for Amelia's and survived.

Written by Valerie pezeron

All Illustrations courtesy of Valerie Pezeron Imagine never having done any presentation to more than 30 people in your lifetime – and that did not really matter because they were […]


These New Puritans – Hidden – Album Review

These New Puritans, They Want War

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