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Love of Diagrams: Mosaic

Matador Records

Written by Royce Epstein

This Melbourne trio is clearly inspired by late 70s post punk, No Wave, and experimental noise. Unlike their predecessors, Monika (drums), Antonia (bass), and Luke (guitar) craft songs that are accessible, and not abstract nor impenetrable. This is due to their use of contrasts: disjointed yet organized; atonal but emotive; angular yet fluid; controlled vs. restless.

The sharp, vigorous drumming is the core to the back and forth bass/guitar and male/female vocals that intersect frequently. The bass is out front as the lead, and the guitar is a kinetic wall of sound. Antonia’s textured voice (like a dead-pan Siouxsie) tempers Luke’s more melodic singing. Standout track is Pace or the Patience, although the album is cohesive with stunning songs that are closer to Joy Division and Gang of Four than they are to Sonic Youth. This record is as compelling and vital today as it would have been in 1979.


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