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‘Outremanche’ (French, pharm literally “across the channel”) is the new mini-album from the London-based French singer filled with plaintive pop ballads and electro frippery, cost sung predominantly in her native tongue.

The warming, warped folk-pop of the opening track mixes Yo La Tengo-esque pockets of distant distorted guitars with velvety Stereolab vocals . My state-funded education in the language of love means I can only translate the odd word like ‘minute’ or ‘England’, but it doesn’t matter, that’s the beauty of the French accent – it makes even the most the humdrum subject matter sound alluring and filmic. Therefore, the album works very well when listened to on a walkman, turning mundane acts such as getting the number 12 bus to Totton into a scene from ‘Belle de jour’.

The high-pitch pistons and echoing vocals of ‘Je suis là’ lead into a suitably sultry cover of the Edith Piaf standard ‘Toujour aimer’, whilst the closing track ‘Mars ou avril’ recalls nectarous melancholy masters St. Etienne.

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This is a classy, compelling set of songs, and yet perhaps it lacks a sprinkling of avant-garde magic to make it truly show-stopping – but there’s no denying the bewitching appeal of Anne B’s delivery, and a dab of French exoticism will go a long way when it comes to standing out from the UK indie crowd. If Anne B is a bit more adventurous when it comes to recording her full length LP, it could be something quite special.

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