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An interview with Japanese singer Cuushe about the making of Girl / You Know That I am Here / But the Dream

Three years after the release of her captivating debut album Red Rocket Telepathy, contemporary Japanese dream-pop singer Cuushe is back with a new EP of bewitching remixes...

Written by Amelia Gregory

Cuushe by Sam Parr
Cuushe by Sam Parr.

Japanese singer Cuushe releases an extended EP, Girl / You Know That I am Here / But the Dream, featuring remixes of her dreamy vocals set against psychedelic ambient sounds. These are the chillwave tunes that should be soundtracking a hazy summertime. Now all we need is the sun…

What inspires your dream pop?
I think my musician friends and things that I’m moved by emotionally, inspire me.

Cuushe album cover
What kind of music did you grow up listening to and falling in love with?
I have an older brother (by 7 years), so I listened to a lot of what he played when I was little, which was 80′s Japanese pop songs. My mum wanted me to play piano songs from 60’s & 70′s movie soundtracks as if they were a ‘Melody’ which I really liked.

Cuushe by Nat Griffin
Cuushe by Nat Griffin.

Where did you acquire your way of singing? It’s so intrinsic to your tunes… was it always this way or has it gradually changed and developed over the years?
When I was a teenager, I don’t think I sang like I do now. It wasn’t till after I started making music with a PC, maybe because I listened to my voice with headphones, that I started to sing in a more relaxed and natural way.

CUUSHE by Mags James
‘Do you know the way to sleep‘ by Mags James.

Who else do you work with when creating and music and what is the process of writing?
Aus (he is also my label owner from Flau) looks after mixing, beat-production and treatment for my songs. He is like the gatekeeper to my music.

Cuushe by Adam Pryce
I Dreamt about Silence‘ by Adam Pryce.

What do you hope your listeners feel when they listen to your music?
When I listen to my favourite songs, I see the landscape in different ways, like I’m in a movie or dream. I hope they feel like that! 

You’ve worked with a variety of other musicians to remix songs for your new EP – how did this come about? Did you know them beforehand?
Yes, and my label owner, Aus, introduced me to some artists as well. I love their songs!

I Dream About Silence.

What are you doing this summer?
Hanging out in Berlin and making my second album.

The new EP Girl / You Know That I am Here / But the Dream by Cuushe is out on flau on 16th July 2012.


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