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Céilidh Dancing at Climate Camp

Climate Camp, Kingsnorth, 5th August, 2008

Written by Charles Drakeford


After a day of becoming educated about climate change from those more knowledgeable, many of the climate campers were in the perfect mood to let there hair down at a good old Céilidh.

Believe it or not, this was not my first Céilidh experience. Due to my regular yearly attendance at Warwick Folk Festival, I should by now be learned in the dance. However, no matter how much experience I may have had at such dancing, I still have no idea what I’m doing for the majority of each dance. I like to think that in a way this is all part of the fun though.


Myself, Tanya, Dearbhaile and Kate all rocked up to the tent where Amelia’s band Cut A Shine were due to play, a little merry and ready to get our do-si-do on. As soon as the band appeared, everyone seemed to be getting a little eager to commence dancing. Slowly, a form of order was regained and Amelia began to direct everone as to how to perform the dance successfully. The crowd had formed into two circles, one at the front and one at the back, and unfortunately we were at the rear. Which made hearing Amelia’s directions quite hard work, and when the music started up we were perhaps caught a little off guard. There were a few hair-raising moments when we were lost amongst all the other dancers, but I’m pretty sure we weren’t the only ones out of sync. Anyway, everyone seemed to be having a great time and straw was flying everywhere due to peoples enthusiastic moves.


We had either had a very long day, or we just weren’t cut out for the amount of exercised involved, as it wasn’t long before we were all completely out of breath and in dire need of a rest. This served as a splendid excuse to get more drinks before rejoining the fun for the last few dances. I think our collective favourite of which was the one in which one pair had to pass under an arch made by another pair. This led to many failed attempts in which the wrong pair was attempting to go through a rather confused arch. After a few attempts though we had got the nack and managed to successfully complete the dance for several repetitions.


The bands set ended with a freestyle dance in which everyone seemed to opt for linking arms, moving speedily from partner to partner. By the end we were all completely worn out, and all the exercise had given the alcohol a bit of an extra kick. Actually, i’m not sure which was more tiring, the dancing, or all the laughing.


We just about had enough energy left to make our way back to the London tent for a good sit down, and a bit of a natter before making our way back to the tent.


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