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Everything Everything – ICA, London Live Review

No sarcasm intended, they're a really great band

Written by Katie Weatherall

everything everything

An inconsequential thing that draws me to the band, cialis 40mg Everything Everything, treatment is how any reference to their name gets misconstrued as a sarcastic quip, repeated. When asked, “what band did you see last night?” You answer “Everything Everything.” The listener hears, in your best David Mitchell tone, “oh all the bands”, twice. However much you may think I’m mocking you, last night, I really did see Everything Everything. An invented method that ensures clarification in this reoccurring and embarrassing situation is so simple yet so affective. When asked, “what band did you see last night?” I answer, “Everything Everything, the band.”

I had high hopes for “the band” after having their catchy single, Photoshop Handsome, shoved into my ear holes with quite positive results. It’s a superbly crafted track swarming with tasty pop idiosyncrasies. The falsetto vocals, retro harmonies, warring time signatures, and perversely pleasing discords. This is the pedestal where I had their take on when The Futureheads met They Might Be Giants placed and I really was hoping the rest of their repertoire measured up against the pomp that is Photoshop Handsome.

everything everything2

The four strapping lads from up north, open their set at the ICA in all their harmonic splendour with slow number, Tin (the manhole). We are a mile away from Handsome already, but in the up lighting, these dapper gents are already a hit. It seems their extended body of work retains the aforementioned exquisite elements, but in addition to this they also have a boy band approach to making albums, where slow jams nestle in between floor stompers. With the approach of another ballad, NASA Is On Your Side, I suddenly am reminded of the ’95 Take That Wembley Arena concert that only my ten-year old imagination took me to. In other words, I’m in a good place.

The lead singer possesses an adept vocal quality that allows him to race through syllables at an inhumanly rate and reach high notes that lesser men would not attempt, through fear of emasculation. For me, the charm of this band lies majorly in their vocal efforts. The melody itself serves as a carrot dangling over your urge to sing along. You bloody want to because it is so darn catchy, but here is where they have tricked you, into thinking it follows a conventional melodic pattern. Try and sing along and you will wail. Cue mass wailing when the band fire out their text speak titled MY KZ UR BF, officially the second best track just closely behind Handsome.

everything everything3

With all, bar one, tracks from their myspace covered, it’s time for the band to exit stage left and re-enter without even a split second for the audience to start the mating call for their return. We won’t hold that adherence to convention against them though as the one song they haven’t given us yet is sincerely one of the best songs I’ve heard this year. If you haven’t been paying attention, that’s Photoshop Handsome. With a few more belters like that, in no time at all, when asked what band you saw last night, your answer will provide no confusion. You will say “Everything Everything.” And they will completely understand.


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