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Gold Teeth

The Watershed, Wimbledon, July 31st 2008

Written by Abi Renshaw


There’s more to Wimbledon than tennis. There’s Gold Teeth! No, I’m not talking about an expensive dental treatment. I’m taking about a band, known locally as the Wimbledon super-group!

Due to the wonders of MySpace this band have been on every A&R man’s one to watch since day one. Joining forces at the beginning of this year they’ve encountered a pretty remarkable journey in six months. Xfm’s Jon Kennedy’s a big fan and invited them in for a session, they were listed in Music Week’s one to watch and have been performing to huge crowds around London.

So what do they sound like? Erm, that’s a tough one. ‘Tropical / Afro-beat / Electronica’ tells their MySpace, but there’s way more to them than just Brit-pop / Indie. If you can’t immediately liken them to another band, then they’re good right? Well not always, but this band are accessible and original, a rare and special mix.

The band performed a blistering set, with songs from their E.P Traveling by telephone with Gold Teeth saving the best ‘til last, as ‘Everybody’ began, hundreds of coloured balloons fell from the ceiling, to the delight of the locals!

I really don’t want to give away too many secrets from this gripping performance -but they are without a doubt the best-unsigned band I’ve seen play this year. Judging from the suits at the back scribbling notes they won’t be unsigned for long, so go see them pronto. From what I can gather, each gig is a show and a half. They also have a very entertaining blog with all their goings-on and video diaries on it. Just you wait, you’re in for a gold treat!

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