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Grace Jones, William’s Blood

Written by Prudence Ivey

We’re having a bit of a Grace Jones moment here at Amelia’s HQ. Obviously we’ve always known she was AMAZING but her majestic new single ‘Williams’ Blood’ goes to prove that she’s still totally got it. In fact, it’s been on repeat for about the past week and we’ve all been waving our arms in the air singing “I’ve got the Williams’ blood in me”. There’s an infectious gospel refrain running through this song that really brings out Jones’ strident message. Strongly autobiographical, ‘Williams’ Blood’ tells the story of her parents’ life together in small-town domesticity and her musician grandfather – he of the Williams blood – philandering his way around the world, an insight into the Grace Jones spirit of rebellion.

There’s a cry for freedom and for breaking away from the strictures and constraints of her background, which you can’t help but feel has been successful for this overtly sexual, bonkers wardrobed, gay icon, hence the joyful bursts of the chorus. It also seems almost subversive for a female singer to talk about the influence of a male ancestor on their lives but Jones has never been one to play by the rules. In fact, as one of our writers proved, she’s perhaps the only woman with such immense stature you could prove your respect for by mooning. But that’s another story…

‘Williams’ Blood’ is released next Monday 8th December on Wall of Sound.


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One Response to “Grace Jones, William’s Blood”

  1. 'one of our writers' says:

    So Grace Jones’ car (limousine) is pulling out of Secret Garden Party right after her set on the stage with the giant teeth. The window is down and we can’t help but approach this larger-than-life goddess to tell her sheepishly that we loved her set, and for that matter, her bum, graciously exposed through corset and thong.
    She turns, she smiles, and says
    “thank you baby”, and then,”You’ve seen mine, now show me yours”.

    Before you could ‘Williams Blood’, pants were down and moon-bums, never-seen-by-the-light-of-day, were exposed.

    True story.

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