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kitsune 8

We live in a haphazard world, ailment where one minute we can all feel like grotesque, all-consuming fat cats with an incredibly strong pound to suddenly joining the back of the JSA queue, lying to them about how many job interviews you’ve actually been to. There is a sprinkling of certainties in life that we can rely on however. For example, come daylight savings rollback when we are plunged into mid-afternoon darkness we know we are destined for up to six months of generally feeling a bit less enthused about our lives, especially when the Christmas decorations start to attack our high streets. Another is, when the latest compilation by Parisian cool label, Kitsune lands in your inbox – because let’s face it, we can’t rely on Royal Mail, so we may as well go digital – you know that you have yourself a ready-made electro-infused indie disco. Not of the ilk that plays Ash’s Girl From Mars on repeat either, the kind of soiree filled to the warehouse rafters with really stylish and beautiful people.

The French success story of a label has already discovered far too many ipod staples and festival headliners to mention here. Now on it’s eighth compilation, the chic and nice issue, Amelia’s Magazine would like to toast their brilliance. It’s almost like the release is named after us – chic and nice!

la roux kitsune

Like associations with Moshi Moshi or Ed Banger, the Kitsune seal of approval is big news. If you are in a band, when a sketch of your face plasters one of their record sleeves, you know your stock is on the rise. They possess the skill to bring songs that you had resigned to the mainstream, back into a respectable feature on your playlist. Think the red haired one. Think Phoenix. The French label makes chart tracks cool again and discover obscure myspace fodder that you simply haven’t got the time or patience for, then give it that fairy dust magic they do best.

the drums

With chic and nice, Kitsune unearth a fair few goodies I’d previously been ignoring as yet another new band of the day. Such as The Drums, which quite frankly, I’d decided was twee drivel, but a few spins in the Kitsune context, and you know what? I like it!

chew lips

The fabulously wailing track by Chew Lips has been given a helping hand to the dance floor by Franz Ferdinand’s, Alex Kapranos. It’s nice to know he’s good for something in their “hit” hiatus.


A glorious track by Two Doors Cinema Club, who we chatted to yesterday, has its melodic vocals and soaring guitars messed with (in a good way) by the remixing talents of Moulinex. These chaps feature alongside fellow chic and nice entrants, Delphic, on a tour trying to encapsulate all that is good about the Kitsune brand with a live setting.

You’re not too late to catch the indie disco train, the tour lands in London this Saturday, stopping at Bristol, Nottingham and Birmingham along its tracks. Although, We’re not sure this hyperbole of a party can actually be achieved. No one actually has that many attractive and cool friends do they? Best get a copy of Kitsune 8 and let the indie disco come to you. You’re guaranteed a good time.

Check out the promo accompanying the package, it is well worth an ogle:

Amelia’s Magazine invites you to make your own dressing battle film and send it to us in a SAE. Although, given the aforementioned postal issue, you probably better off sending via email. Come to think of it, you may want to hold off until the summer months, when it’ll be warmer and you have your motivation back.

This compilation hits the digital (and other) shelves November 30th.

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