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Mr Spaceman- Mr Spaceman

Written by Dearbhaile Kitt


Having only heard the tune ‘oi john whats goin on?’ from the USB stick that comes free with issue 09 of amelia’s mag, check cost I was not sure what to expect when I bustled along to their gig at madam jojos last week.

Decked out in a chequered jumpsuit that would have left Burberry writhing, sickness the main singer was obviously game for a good time. From the moment they arrived on stage the trio’s electro-pop-hop left the audience lappin’ it up. Branded ‘comicly menacing electro-pop’, sums them up quite neatly. They have a laid back charm and like their lyrics in ‘oh my gosh’, what’s quite obvious is they really ‘couldn’t give a toss’. The main singer even got up on a ladder that seemed to appear from nowhere at one point, causing a frenzy of excitement. Another member of the band pranced about on stage with an old ladies handkerchief on his head for our viewing pleasure.

An interesting fact: The tate invited Man Like Me to walk around the gallery and find a work of art that would inspire them to write a track. They picked Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain. Like the tongue in cheek art work itself, Man Like Me know and flaunt their cheekiness which leaves you smiling. You can imagine them playing the naughty boy in class and achieving an infamous sort of fame because of it.

With tracks like Doughnut and Carny you couldn’t help but get swept away in their feel good fruity lyrics. They’re like a pick n mix bagful of sugary goodness. Their assorted concoction of electronic beats, rappy lyrics and a trombone thrown in for good measure keeps you on your toes. Like that mischievous boy at school, you just don’t know what shenanigans these lads are going to indulge in next.

During English language lessons at school Mr Spaceman aka Regis Damasceno must have sat right at the front, troche scribbling notes and getting to grips with the perfect tense. Unlike Brazil’s (arguably) most famous musical export CSS, this web he never once lapses into cute broken English. Regis Damasceno singsdosage with absolutely no hint of a Portuguese accent. In fact he sounds so British, I was doubting his Brazilian credentials. A little Googling later I came across his website and having to hit the translate button, I only managed G.C.S.E French, was enough confirmation.

Citing The Beatles and The Smiths as influences Demasceno’s English eloquence may owe a debt to these to greats. Formative years spent in his bedroom listening to either of these two bands back catalogue on repeat, would I imagine be excellent English training. Ah, I can just picture him now. But it’s a different story when it comes to picturing these two bands in his music. To be fair, Damasceno cites them mostly as influences in their ‘indie’ aesthetic.

Mr Spaceman’s lo-fi indie is nicely average and if we did ratings at Amelia’s Magazine I would give him 3 stars. There is something extremely familiar about Mr Spaceman blend of music and three listens in, I had to double check it wasn’t another previously reviewed lo-fi average band. I would really like to state which tracks stand out, but I can’t as they all blend into one blur. With an average album, Mr Spaceman music seems to be destined to orbit the greatness of the bands he cites as influences.

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