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Olive Haigh singles artwork Spring 2015
Many a moon ago Olive Haigh contributed illustrations to Amelia’s Magazine, but now she is making waves as a talented musician. The beautiful and haunting Secret Cupboard Waltz is her current single and comes with a wonderful video. Here she tells us more…

Secret Cupboard Waltz really is quite secretive, I can’t give too much away lyrics-wise, but it was written about a person I know. Most of my songs are about secrets. I like to meet people and learn their stories and secrets and construct songs and artwork about them. Secret Cupboard Waltz is partly about someone and partly about a dream I had about them and their secrets.

Olive Haigh Live 24.04.15
The video which goes with it is inspired by elements of the dream, the darkness and the glitter were there whilst my friend hid at the edge with all his secrets spilling out. So, the video is an attempt to echo that. I worked with PurpleKnif videos to make the video: I knew what I wanted, so I explaind my idea to Purple Knif and then we borrowed a studio at Falmouth University and made the video in two takes, with my friends working the lighting and pouring glitter into a wind machine.

Olive Haigh Live 24.04.15-02
I have been playing with a band lately. Dan E Brown who also produced my two recent singles, plays bass and Jamie Killen is on drums. We have recorded two songs together and released them on a limited edition cassette tape, which is available for £4 here. Over the coming months I plan to work with Dan in his studio in Cornwall to create an EP.

Olive Haigh Live 29.03.15
Olive Haigh Live 29.03.15-02
All live photos by Chris Trevena. Unfortunately I don’t have any good images of my band yet, as we’ve only played a couple of gigs together so far. I made the artwork (above, top) for the two tracks we recently released on cassette by sticking a cat face to my face with masking tape, then asking my sister to take a Polaroid of me.

You can follow Olive Haigh on facebook here. I think she’s destined for great things…

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