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Simply Madonna â

The Truman Brewery, 21 February to 22 March 2009

Written by Jennifer McNulty

I have been a Madonna fan for years and years. When I was younger it bordered on obssessional, but has lessened now due to her ill-advised recent collaboration with super producer, Timbaland, where she just sounded like a guest vocalist on her own album. To say I’m disappointed doesn’t even come close to an understatement. But let’s not dwell on this, as luckily, this collection does not focus on this period – but on the good old glory days, well decades actually.

Described as a collection of memorabilia, there definitely is a lot of Madonna paraphernalia on show here in the Truman Brewery. In the huge concrete car park of the brewery evidently.
The biggest draw being costumes she wore on stage and in films. However, when looking at them, something wasn’t feeling right. Look at the picture below:


At first glance you would not think this was part of an exhibition about Madonna. Yes, this collection of outfits come mainly from her conservatively dressed role in Evita, but it’s not just that. The clothes don’t fit properly on the many cheap looking identical mannequins:




I guess for an exhibition about the notorious perfectionist Madonna, you would expect the same high level of professionalism from a show dedicated to her, and that just was not evident here.
Also, considering there is a disclaimer saying that Madonna had nothing to do with it, they have copies of her record and divorce contracts, her old credit card from the 1980′s and pages from her personal diary. I know you can acquire these through auctions but you are left wondering how they have these items, you are also left wondering if, in fact Madonna is gagged and bound in one of the dark corners of the car park, as the ultimate piece of memorabilia…



Although fascinating to see on a voyeuristic fan level, there was an unsettling atmosphere to the whole experience. Perhaps it was the sparse venue, or perhaps it was because Madonna is such an icon with so much history, an exhibition dedicated to her could have and should have been spectacular. This sadly, was not.

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  1. Thought you might be interested to know we are doing a MADONNA TRIBUTE NIGHT to celebrate those glory decades that you speak of at Smash and Grab
    We feel passionately that Madonna’s legacy is something that should be treasured by female (and male) pop lovers everywhere!! not written off cause of a couple of bland albums and a blander husband…
    Its going to be at Punk March 26th – perhaps you’d like to come? – maybe review it??
    drop us an email if interested ?
    Tabitha xx

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