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The Common Place Fundraiser

Written by Prudence Ivey


Photograph by Kate Huthwaite.

Leeds, hotbed of radical politics, is the natural home of a venue like The Common Place. A collectively run, community-minded space, it hosts gigs, clubnights, political meetings, theatre workshops and has a fantastic volunteer-run kitchen that sells food for next to nothing. So far, so city-enriching and unthreatening. However, in July this year, as a result of screening a video of police brutality, they had their entertainment and drinks licence revoked and so are unable to function as a gig venue, club, cinema or theatre space, or sell drinks any longer, thereby losing a significant proportion of their previous income.

Photograph by Kate Huthwaite.

In order to raise the necessary funds to keep the centre open, they have released a 23 track CD, with tracks donated by artists who have performed there. These are a real mixed bag, with the majority of songs unsurprisingly coming from Leeds bands who obviously desperately want to keep the centre open, although there are some more high-profile, international names too. Olympia rappers Scream Club open the CD with their anthem to fun ‘Party Time’. Other, more local highlights include ‘You Wish You Were My Man’ by Penny Broadhurst, a mish-mash of post punk vocals and electro-pop and the joyously retro, Buzzcocks-infused punk of Ste McCabe and the Vile Vilettes. There are some horrors on here too but that’s really the point as there is a something for everyone attitude which means you’re bound to like at least a few things, making it well worth the £5 minimum donation.

Photograph by Kate Huthwaite.

The final word goes to Kimya Dawson, who follows a particularly screamo hardcore few minutes with her sweet ‘Loose Lips’, whose anti-establishment lyrics and chorus of “We won’t stop until somebody calls the cops and even then we’ll start again and just pretend that nothing ever happened” is a fitting mission statement and call to arms. Take inspiration from her and buy a CD to help save this wonderful venue.


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