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The Deatchments and We Are Band

The Macbeth, London, Thursday 10th July, 2008

Written by Charles Drakeford

Photos: Gabriel Green

I managed to get into the venue just in time to catch the second half of We Have Band’s set. The tunes came thick and fast, with some great beats and soaring synths that are matched by eloquent vocals from the male members of the band. The thing I find difficult about this band is some of the female vocals. Popular music has been saturated with what often sounds like a little girl shouting, and when i hear the cry of “We went out, and we got wasted”, in their song ‘You Came Out’ I get a horrible pang of déjà vu. It’s just doesn’t make for easy listening.

The Detachments are a much more established and professional outfit, but their stage show is verging on being just that little bit too arrogant. If all their songs were as good as ‘Fear No Fear’, I could understand them using this manner. I just find it hard to really enjoy a band when they act like they should be playing lad rock (which in my opinion is the most detestable genre of music).

Thankfully, they make new wave, which is much more suited to my taste. Their haunting vocals and echoing guitars take on a different quality to how they work on record. The songs seem to lose much of their intensity, becoming something far less emotive, but an awful lot more danceable. Unfortunately though, the venue was so rammed you could have only just managed to swing a cat in there. So dancing, for most, was out of the question.

The Detachments really remind me of The Whip. Sound wise they’re similar, though a lot less electronic – but I see their main similarity lying in the amount of success they could achieve. I’m sure they’ll soon have a full tour diary, release a fairly successful album whilst never really getting a firm fan base, or any form of real recognition. Only time will tell I guess.

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