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Natasha Thompson

My name is Natasha Thompson and I like to illustrate things and drink tea. I’m from a really tiny village that nobody’s ever heard of and get excited when I go to pretty cities. Besides tea I enjoy escaping into Sofia Coppola movies (my favourite is Marie Antoinette), advice fairy tales, this site wearing floral dresses and buying pens. Oh! And collecting tea!

My illustrations are based around what inspires me, drugs what I’ve collected, colours I enjoy. They are playful and pretty but evoke nostalgia as I like to use found papers and photos that are too precious to discard. I have always loved drawing, when I was little I could think of nothing better than to scribble my way through blank paper with felt tips, stickers and coloured crayons.

I have just graduated with a degree in Illustration and have recently been shortlisted for the Sh! Awards. I plan to work freelance and open up an online shop selling illustrated postcards that have collage, typography, flowers, deers and tea on them. I would love to illustrate posters and album artwork for artists like Laura Marling and Leona Naess. I find their music beautifully inspiring and it’s always on in my studio.

The Secret Tea Party
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