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That Certain Something: A Certain Ratio at Dingwalls

Live Review- A Certain Ratio, Dingwalls; 15th June 2009

Written by Richard Pearmain

Factory legends A Certain Ratio were making a rare appearance tonight in deepest Camden, as part of the Beat Happening Sessions at Dingwalls. One of the original Factory troubadours (contemporaries […]


Live Review: Matt and Kim.

The Old Blue Last, 1st June 2009

Written by Richard Pearmain

Maybe it was the heat. Yes, that’s it. The heat. The heat that caused the Old Blue Last‘s normally reliable PA to pack up for most of the evening, leaving […]


Das Wanderlust; Das ist Gut!

The Luminaire, London, 23rd May 2009

Written by Richard Pearmain

A Saturday night in downtown Kilburn saw the long awaited (and, considering it was recorded about 18 months ago, long overdue) launch of Horses for Courses, the debut album from […]