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LFW 09 – Julian J Smith S/S2010 – Colour Block Party!

On|Off London Fashion Week 2009

Written by Matt Bramford

Year of the Flood

It could be a sequestered, viagra buy view slimy corner of any 21st century metropolis, the “small square yard where the trash bins were kept – the ones for the carbon garboil trash and the other kind. Then there was a board fence, and on the other side of it there was a vacant lot where a building had burned down. Now it was just hard earth with pieces of cement and charred wood and broken glass, and weeds growing on it.” But, for a group of kids in the un-located urban ‘pleebs’ of Margaret Atwood’s ‘The Year of the Flood’, this grim patch is school. Here, they’re engrossed in their Predator-Prey Relations class one day, and stumbling on the corpse of a woman the next, her dumped body still bearing the glossy green scales of the costume that once glistened as she swung from the trapeze in the strip joint next… read more

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LFW 09 – Orschel-Read S/S2010 – ‘Tis Beauty Truly Blent

On|Off 180 The Strand, London

Written by Matt Bramford

“Are you here for Harriet’s Muse?” the lady on the door asks me. “No, try Orschel-Read,” I say, dismissively. “Menswear,” I add, with a waft of the hand as my […]


LFW 09 Cooperative designs S/S2010 Happy Birthday Bauhaus

Fashion Scout, Freemasons Hall, 20th September 2009

Written by Sally Mumby-Croft

After witnessing a whole lot of jolly sensible fashion trends being bandied about – think short, visit this generic sleek, stomach unhealthy sophisticated and feminine – we were thrilled to […]