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Amelia’s Anthology of Illustration: Open Design Brief

Open brief for illustrators, Closing date: August 3rd

Written by Amelia

Be featured in this limited edition anthology of the best new illustrators engaged in environmental thinking. Read on to find out more...

***Please note that this brief is now closed: you can now order a copy of this book online by clicking here***

an illustration by Laura-Maria Arola from issue 9 of Amelia's Magazine

Now, anyone who is following me on Twitter - my new favourite thing in the whole world - will know that I asked my dad to do the research for this book. I know what he's like - apart from being a typical male who loves nothing more than "disappearing down the rabbit-hole" as my mum calls it (also known as busying himself in new projects) - he also loves a challenge. So I asked him to dig up some info on all the most obscure new alternative technologies currently being explored, so that I could put together a brief for Amelia's Anthology of Illustration.

He rose… read more

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