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An interview with award-winning typeface designer and Royal College of Art lecturer Henrik Kubel

On the launch of A2/SW/HK’s most comprehensive typeface collection to date, the Danish typeface designer opens the doors of his sleek London-based design studio to Amelia’s Magazine to talk about his latest project and passion for type

Written by Kat Phan

Fifteen typefaces designed for commercial use, 2010 (A2-TYPE, London)

On a bitingly chilly but sunny Saturday afternoon, I sauntered down to the A2/SW/HK design studio in the heart of Hoxton to meet Henrik Kubel, one half of the talented A2/SW/HK duo. With a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it entrance, the studio is housed on the third floor of an old textile warehouse, exuding understated coolness. On entering, I feel as if I have reached some kind of design nirvana where the huge windows splash a radiant bright light onto the pristine white walls, furniture and Macs. I quickly glance around the room to see work tops sprawled with rolled up papers and intricate-looking sketches; a vintage Remington Standard typewriter nestles comfortably amongst a collection of art titles on the glossy white shelves – the mother of type. Standing tall and smart-nonchalantly dressed in a well-fitted navy blue jacket with a thin red trimming, off-white shirt and faded blue jeans, Kubel looks picture-perfect in his surroundings.

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Greenpeace need your help to find 100,000 owners for Airplot by May 1st!

Anna Jones has been working on the Greenpeace campaign to stop the Third Runway being built at Heathrow. We find out why the Airplot campaign is so important to her in the run up to the General Election.

Written by Amelia Wells

Illustration by Aniela Murphy. Airplot is the name by which Greenpeace’s campaign to prevent Heathrow’s third runway from being built is known and is a piece of land near the […]


Sipson Under Siege

Illustrations by Christina Cerosio

Written by Lucy Jones

Last Thursday the transportation secretary Geoff Hoons approved BAA’s plans for a third runway at Heathrow. John McDonnell hurled a mace (some sort of ancient hammer) and the villagers of […]

Dinner at Domestic Departures

Climate Rush, Photos by Jonangelo Molinari

Written by Luisa Gerstein

It was legitimate for us to feel nervous. With indiscreet bullying from BAA and no knowledge as to how the police were planning to receive us, we tucked our dresses […]



In collaboration with Climate Rush

Written by Oliver Cronk and Lucy Jones

On Monday evening a collective of artists known as ‘ARTPORT‘ will be supporting The Climate Rush at Heathrow Airport. Hundreds of the capital’s artists are expected to attend bringing with […]


PLANESTUPID Stansted Protest

Stanstead Airport, 7th December 2008

Written by Holly Gregson

At 3am on the morning of the 7th of December two mini buses, a 1960s fire engine and just over 50 cold, eager and very excited protesters turned up at […]