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Black Dog Books Haunt Black Rat’s latest Projects

Unique exhibits inhabit haunted bookshop with personality

Written by Valerie Pezeron


© Takeshi Katami photograohy from Kanye West website

Pop Life: Art in a Material World proves that good business is the best art. Spanning across 17 rooms, story Pop Life celebrates artists renowned for challenging the media and public with their extravagant, more about provocative and controversial attitudes towards their craft; often praised but when criticised, they are shown no mercy. Tracy Emin and Damien Hirst love / hate affair with the media and public are perfect examples, both of whom are featured in Pop life.


© Photo: Rod Tidnam, Tate Michael Jackson on the front cover of Interview Magazine in October 1982.

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Exhibtion: New York Fashion Now

V&A Museum, South Kensington, Cromwell Road, Until 17th September

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