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London Fashion Week: Betty Jackson

BFC Tent, Tuesday 12th February 2008

Written by Lauren Mortimer

The Event: With the opening of the first Swarovski Crystallized cosmos and lounge inevitably came a lavish party, help more about and it came on the first day of London Fashion Week. A vast cosmos opposite Liberty's, more about on Great Marlborough Street, Swarovski Crystallized is an impressively slick space with a ground floor showing off brightly lit cases of crystals and an open planned lounge on the second floor- the hub of the event. There were scattered mannequins modelling Swarovski's collaborations with designers such as Emma Cook, Giles Deacon and Gareth Pugh, a trio of girl DJs accompanied by an extremely glum looking rollerblader doing circles and a projected catwalk show. The lounge effect was created by leather sofas and glass box tables containing crystals that, due to the light below sparkled like read more

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