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The Many Sides: An interview with founder Rita Sheth

Rita Sheth is the founder of The Many Sides, a unique destination website that specialises in Edgy, Indie and Global Fashion. Here she describes her journey...

Written by Amelia Gregory

The Many Sides Fashion Illustration By Toni Morris
The Many Sides Fashion Illustration By Toni Morris.

You come from a corporate background - why did you decide to branch out and set up The Many Sides and what were you able to bring to the process from your former career?
I set up the business because I found I was no longer excited by what was on offer on the high street - I wanted to bring more unique, well made clothes to people that were also frustrated by the high street as well as the 'slap on a monogram' ethos which we see from established labels. As such it was kind of a labour of love! Basically I wanted to connect creative designers with women who wanted to express themselves through creative fashion!
I think from my former career I am able to bring a level of professionalism and attention to detail which is important. It also helps to be able to structure a deal which is important when thinking about different ways you can do business.

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