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Christmas Gifts: Best Art Books

As we begin the final run down to Christmas I bring you some highly recommended art books, from Black Dog publishing, Gestalten and illustrator extraordinaire David Shrigley.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Paul Smith by Sandra Contreras
In need of a last minute man gift? Is he a stylish cyclist? If so help could be here in the form of the new Rapha and Paul Smith cycling collection. Rapha are purveyors of high performance roadwear (which means they know what they are doing) and Paul Smith is of course the doyen of all things stylish. As well as the simple good design of the main collection - which includes a highly technical jacket, order knitted winter cap, leather gloves and a jaunty polka dot scarf - I am particularly enamoured of their collaborative wash bag which comes in two fun Paul Smith colourful cycling inspired prints, complete with sturdy leather details. Years ago I Paul Smith gave me a wash bag as a gift - and not only is it by far the best quality wash bag I have ever owned (don't you find that cheap ones fall apart ridiculously quickly?) but my boyfriend has had his eagle eye on it ever since we met, even with the remnants of girl make up scattered across its insides. The collection also features a shoulder bag and a courier bag for those more inclined to show off their stylish wares in public.

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