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Polar Bear – Peepers – Album Review

The greatest artists in British jazz for a generation, say some, and it's hard to find fault with that

Written by Gareth Ackland

I thought I'd gone wrong. I pressed play and... drums (so far so good), stuff then (wait for it) a guitar!?! Have I put on a Maccabees CD by mistake? No, thumb the drumming's too, too wowsome. My confusion lasted for a full 15 seconds before the sax hit me. But still, a guitar? Polar Bear are opening an album with twang rock guitar?

Maybe you don't know Polar Bear. Maybe you need to change your friends. If my friends hadn't told me about Polar Bear, I would have ditched them. Except that I wouldn't have known what they hadn't told me about, obviously. Polar Bear are a jazz outfit of indistinct number. Let's say five, which includes Leafcutter John, who's like Aphex Bez. It's complicated. Their last proper album, 'Held On… read more

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