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EAT course 2011: Earth Activism Training at Landmatters in Devon, UK

This year the EAT course returns to Landmatters in Devon, co-hosted once more by the wonderful Starhawk and Andy Goldring of the Permaculture Association. But you have to apply fast to get involved! It will be held between August 20th and September 4th 2011 and applications close soon.

Written by Amelia Gregory

EAT participants 2009 at Landmatters in Devon. All photography by Amelia Gregory.

Way back in the misty days of summer 2009 I was lucky enough to be chosen to participate on the EAT course, which stands for Earth Activist Training: planting the seeds of change.

E.A.T.course-July-2009-photography by Amelia Gregory
E.A.T.course-July-2009-photography by Amelia Gregory

Designed to combine spiritual, earth based philosophies with the more fervant strand of environmental activism, the EAT course is held several times a year in America. It doesn't come to the… read more

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COP out CAMP out

Written by Grace Beaumont

Because it’s business as usual in Copenhagen!


Protest against RBS’s investment into Tar Sands

Role-playing, shouting and mass dying to protest against Tar Sands destroying areas of ancient forest larger than England.

Written by Adam S

Yesterday a group of activists joined representatives from Canada’s First Nation communities to protest against RBS’s continued funding into Tar Sands.   Tar sands is a particularly oily soil which […]


Reclaiming power at Copenhagen!

Creating Social change at the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit

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What’s happening at Kew Eco Village

Cob building, benders, inverters and skipping - just some of the things you can learn at Kew.

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Earth Listings: 2nd – 8th November 2009

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Protest against more flights at London City Airport

Celebrating more noise pollution, more flights and more deaths!

Written by Adam S

Today a group of activists went to London City airport to protest against the the expansion of flights from the airport. A new London to New York flight that only […]