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Climate9: Stopping Carbon Emissions at Source. So Who are the Real Criminals?

On the 14th June 2010 the Climate9 go to trial for their actions at Aberdeen airport in Scotland last year. Why should we give them our support? Read on...

Written by Amelia Wells

Donald Trump is behind the expansion of Aberdeen airport. Illustration by Kevin Bradshaw.

When the words of the law and the actions of the Government contradict each other, viagra look it can be quite confusing for all involved. The much lauded Scottish Climate Change Act, for instance, lays down that Scottish Ministers must create a strategy which encourages the population to help them achieve their carbon emissions targets. So, why, when a group of concerned citizens prevented 107 million tonnes of carbon being emitted over a period of five hours, were they then arrested and charged with vandalism and breach of the peace? Perhaps erecting a mini golf course on the runaway at Aberdeen airport and grounding all the planes isn’t one of the actions identified by the Scottish Ministers as contributing to the achievement of those targets... because it actually affects carbon heavy businesses?

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