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Album Review: The Magic Lantern – A World In A Grain Of Sand

It's clear from this latest offering that The Magic Lantern harbour some impressive songwriting skills not to mention extraordinary musicianship. There are fantastic songs on the album and it requires your full attention

Written by Emma Barlow

Much of The Magic Lantern’s A World In A Grain Of Sand reminded me of the folk music coming out of London three of four years ago, before the Mumfords came along and popularised the genre and made it synonymous with banjos, harmonies and big anthemic choruses. I know this music still exists, but it seems everyone has sort of forgotten about it. Brilliant artists like Johnny Flynn, Emmy The Great, and Lightspeed Champion – they are more about stripped back, folksy ditties, accompanied by traditional, acoustic instruments and usually, crucially, only one voice. It’s reminiscent of what we get here with The Magic Lantern’s latest offering and it’s really lovely to hear again.

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Album Review: James Pants

Krautrock, Kraftwerk and shoegaze. With added extras. It shouldn't work, but it does - when electro auteur James Pants is at the helm.

Written by Cari Steel

All artwork courtesy of James Pants I must confess, I have been a bit over focused on just one genre of music recently; pretty much every track that I have […]

Album Review – The Travelling Band: Screaming Is Something

With their sound deeply rooted in rock, folk and country The Travelling Band’s second offering Screaming Is Something will please the ears of acoustic music lovers everywhere.

Written by Emma Barlow

The brand new album from The Travelling Band features all the trademarks of a good folk pop album, including introspective lyrics, fantastic harmonies and, as no self-respecting nu-folk band would […]

Album Review – Crystal Stilts: In Love With Oblivion

The new album from Brooklyn based Crystal Stilts is out now on Fortuna POP! The Joy Division comparisons are impossible to shake off, but we're still impressed by this second outing.

Written by Emma Barlow

I was hoping to be able to stay away from the Joy Division comparisons while writing this review of New York band Crystal Stilt’s new album In Love With Oblivion, […]

Vessels Helioscope thumb

Vessels Album Review: Helioscope

We review the second studio album from Leeds-based post-rockers - Vessels. Prepare to be dazzled!

Written by Gemma Milly

So I’m sitting in my studio in British Columbia, Canada, looking out at the mountains & snow-covered trees, which are glistening in the winter sunshine. And I’m listening to Vessels […]

Album Review: Ringo Deathstarr – Colour Trip

For their debut effort, three Brit-loving Texans take us on a kaleidoscopic trip through melodic guitar pop and beyond.

Written by Rob Harris

You never see Ringo Starr and Gary Lineker in the same room. Come on, think about it! Anyway, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from a band called Ringo […]

Teebs: Otherworldly Rhythms on debut album Ardour.

The latest signing to Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder label talks about his debut album, Ardour, and how he began making his own music.

Written by David McNamara

Flying Lotus seems to be a man that can do no wrong at the moment. His latest album, Cosmogramma, was met with resounding praise from critics across the globe and […]

Sea of Bees: Songs for the Ravens – Album Review

Dreamy folk from Californian songstress Julie Ann Bee, Sea of Bees will have you float away in a drift of autumnal bliss.

Written by Helen Martin

In autumn nature is vibrant, but also gently muffled, as it whispers within the trees and slowly looks away from the warmer month’s naivety and brash explosions. These later, brown, […]

Our Broken Garden: Golden Sea – Album Review

The second album from Efterklang's keyboardist Anna Bronsted is hauntingly gorgeous.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Our Broken Garden is fronted by vocalist Anna Bronsted, sometime keyboardist with Efterklang, the Danish group fabled for the same lush orchestrations that sweep throughout her second album Golden Sea. […]

Album Review: The Like, Release Me.

Album Review: The Like, Release Me.

The raddest quintet from the Golden State return with a new album and reshuffled line-up, fortunately for us, these L.A scenesters are as much substance as they are style.

Written by David McNamara

It has been five long years since the release of The Like’s debut album Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking? and it has not been an easy time for the […]

Unearthing, a collaboration between Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins: live performance review

Regular contributing illustrator Gareth A Hopkins reviews a very special performance of Alan Moore's new collaboration with Mitch Jenkins, based on an essay about his friend Steve Moore. Held in the atmospheric Old Vic Tunnels.

Written by Gareth A Hopkins

Illustrations and photography by Gareth A Hopkins. I’d been looking forward to ‘Unearthing‘, the multimedia collaboration between writer Alan Moore, photographer Mitch Jenkins and musicians Adam ‘Doseone’ Drucker and Andy […]

Album Review: The Magic Numbers

Having hooked us with with an entrancing blend of 60's melodies and church group harmonies, The Magic Numbers then disappeared for a few years. Popping up with a new album and tour, do they still have the same charm? And beards?

Written by Rachel Clare

The Magic Numbers – The Runaway released July 26th on Heavenly Records So it’s welcome back to our favourite hirsute sibling popstrels The Magic Numbers. One of those bands who […]

Album Review: Born Ruffians – Say It

Toronto's Young Bucks dazzle us with the follow up to their 2008 album, Red, Yellow & Blue.

Written by Rachel Clare

God Bless Canada. Quietly producing some of the most influential and downright awesome musicians known to all mankind (I’m talking Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen & Arcade Fire here […]

Album Review: Peggy Sue – Fossils and Other Phantoms

Meet Katy, Rosa and Olly. They do clattering soul infused folk like no other. Read on for my digest of this must-buy album.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Illustration of Peggy Sue by Antonia Parker. Peggy Sue have been around in various incarnations – previously accompanied by the Pirates – for sometime. So already engrained in the indie […]

Petter & the Pix – Good As Gold – Album Review

(Mostly) Swedish group's second album arrives, a delightfully eclectic folk jumble of instruments and influences

Written by Ian Steadman

I’ve just opened my window, for the first time since the autumn. I had to deal with some cobwebs, some stiffness in the joints, but the fresh air has been […]

The High Wire – The Sleep Tape – Album Review

Debut album from British dream-pop trio, a woozy aural landscape that thumps as much as murmurs

Written by Ian Steadman

Is it really such a curse to receive the praise of Chris Martin? Does supporting one of the world’s biggest bands on an arena tour constitute something to be embarrassed […]


Album Review: The Irrepressibles – Mirror Mirror

All the world's a stage, so are you willing to play?

Written by Nina Joyce

There are few men like Jamie McDermott. A man of his calibre is seldom found in the 21st century. His affection for cheeky baroque arrangements, outlandish but hypnotising woodland performances […]

lali puna

Lali Puna – Our Inventions – Album Review

Lali Puna release their fourth LP, a gentler, more restrained addition to their repertoire.

Written by David McNamara

It has been over six years since Lali Puna released a full-length album, but the four-piece from Weilheim, Germany have been far from stagnant. Guitarist Markus Acher and his other […]


You Look Cold by Patrick Kelleher: This is no sham rock.

Album Review

Written by Roisin Conway

You Look Cold left me hot under the collar, this debut album from 24 year-old, Irish Patrick Kelleher is awe-inspiring in it’s genre-bashing brilliance and refreshing take on a myriad […]

Worried about Satan have arrived

Album Review

Written by Simon Edgar Lord

Who are Worried about Satan? Worried about Satan are a duo based in Leeds comprising of Gavin Miller and Thomas Ragsdale who produce atmospheric soundscaping far in advanced of their […]