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Did PC Mark “Flash” Kennedy ensure my arrest as one of the Ratcliffe 114 ?

In April 2009 I was one of 114 activists arrested at the Iona School in Nottingham. Here's my account of what happened, and how PC Mark Kennedy came to be unmasked as an undercover police agent.

Written by Amelia Gregory

policeman undercover by daria hlazatova
Policeman Undercover by Daria Hlazatova.

One day a few years ago I agreed to go on an intrepid action to highlight the causes of climate change. I didn't know where or what it would be, but as a climate activist I trust the many people that I know who are willing to invest a huge amount of time, effort and (often their own) money in taking action for climate justice. So it was that I came to be in the Iona School in Nottingham on Easter Monday, 13th April 2009. In a hall packed full of committed climate activists I discovered the sheer scale of the unbelievably audacious covert operation and as I looked around I tried to imagine how we could possibly pull it off: we all suspect that undercover cops must operate within our networks. We were fed, given instructions concerning our target and duly sent to bed in one of various rooms in the school which had been hired out for the weekend. Having made sure that my day pack was ready (warm clothes, a book, some high energy food) I rolled out my… read more

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Sir Philip Green and his Topshop billions get the UK Uncut treatment.

Sir Philip Green is able to dodge huge tax bills by sending Topshop profits to his wife in Monaco. UK Uncut closed down the Oxford Circus flagship store in protest against billionaire tax avoidance tactics in the face of huge cuts.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Topshop, with your welcoming entrance you are spoiling us…
If you are on twitter you will probably have noticed the mutterings of the #UKuncut hashtag – from small beginnings it has …


Beauty in the broken places: A conversation with Anna Brønsted of Our Broken Garden

Ahead of Wednesday’s gig at St Giles-in-the-Fields, we sat down with Our Broken Garden singer Anna Brønsted and talked about making connections through music, dark undercurrents and the struggle to find the right words.

Written by Jessica Furseth

Anna Brønsted illustrated by Alison Day. Original photo by Eva Edsjö.
That is a really big sound coming from such a small woman, I think as I’m standing at the back …

Shea Alchemy: Natural Handmade Skincare

Shea Alchemy founder Sally Mumford talks about her gorgeous skincare creams, all of which are based on fairtrade shea butter from Ghana.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Shea Alchemy by Cat Palairet.
I am a big fan of cottage industries – after all, I am one myself. In the first of an ongoing series that will profile ethical …