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Vintage at Goodwood: Festival Review

So, how did Vintage at Goodwood measure up to the hype? Was it, as feared, just a glorified "vintage" shopping experience? On Saturday I went down to check out the festival for myself. This is what I thought.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Dahling by Abigail Nottingham.

"We're building great cafes and restaurants on the Vintage High St, where you will even find a Waitrose." So said the flyer that I picked up in a local pub the day after our sojourn to Vintage at Goodwood. To be honest, if I'd seen this same flyer before I'd been inundated with hype from the great VAG press machine then I might not have been so keen to attend the festival.

Vintage Goodwood 2010
Vintage Goodwood 2010
Photography by Amelia Gregory.

It's ironic then, that, like the camping spots in "hidden glades, hollows, copses and hillocks" Waitrose didn't make it into the final Vintage at Goodwood vision. But what did was every bit as soulless as I feared… read more

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