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University of Central Lancashire: Graduate Fashion Week 2012 Catwalk Review

Out-there crazy colours and pattern work from University of Central Lancashire got the first day of graduate fashion week going at Earls Court.

Written by Alia Gargum

Hayley Harrison GFW 2012 UCLan by Alice Hair

Hayley Harrison by Alice Hair

Before attending my first Graduate Fashion Week show, I had a little look around the stands to see what would jump out at me without the glitz and glamour of the catwalk. University of Central Lancashire immediately got my attention thanks to full-sized toiles of Xiaoping (Fiona) Hwang's intricately pleated clothing on display. I chatted with UCLan lecturer Kate Ball, who gave me her tips of who to look out for on the catwalk. Xiaoping was on her list, as well as Claire Acton's hair-inspired silhouettes with oversized perspex hair clips, Talia Golchin who created silhouettes based on old Victorian brothel imagery and Emma Guilfoyle who experimented with large-scale prints of John Major. "It all sounds a bit mad but it's done in a really innovative way," assured Kate, and after flipping through student portfolios and seeing amazing… read more

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Dans La Vie AW 2012 by Ailish Sullivan thumbnail

Dans La Vie: London Fashion Week A/W 2012 Catwalk Review

On Saturday 18th February at Fashion Scout's Freemasons' Hall the Japanese designer Rira Sugawara of Dans La Vie presented a vibrant and fun A/W 2012 collection, bursting with Pop Art references.

Written by Maria Papadimitriou

Dans La Vie AW 2012 by Mitika Chohan I have a huge soft spot for collections with art historical references. Print designer Rira Sugawara of Dans La Vie, who showed […]

The Photobooth Phenomenon… an interview with Alex Kokott of Photoautomat

We have a chat with Alex Kokott - London's representative of the Photoautomat analogue photobooth project - about his mission to bring the glory of analogue to the UK. We also managed to take some silly photographs, too…

Written by Matt Bramford

Illustration by Abigail Wright I have always been fascinated with analogue photo booths. I have vivid memories as a child – the excitement and anticipation, pulling ridiculous faces, never really […]

Fantastic Flaçons: A look at iconic perfume bottles

We explore the history of iconic perfume bottles and examine some flaçons no dressing table should ever be without…

Written by Viola Levy

‘Chanel No.5′ designed by Jean Helleau. Illustration by Sandra Contreras When Freud pondered the question of ‘what women want,’ someone should have told him that there are few things more […]

Exhibition Review: Andrew Curtis’ Wild England

"Suburban life is a big strain, you know... To maintain this fabric of absolute normaility requires powerful repressive forces -all these double glazing and patio doors are sustained by a huge effort of will." JG Ballard

Written by Sally Mumby-Croft

Modern Times Andrew Curtis’s photography expose the fallacy of normality on which the construct of British Suburbia survives aided and abetted by local newspapers and the tabloids. In a time […]

An interview with Jamie McDermott of The Irrepressibles.

New contributor Andrew Lockwood managed to track down the incredibly talented Jamie McDermott, the man behind The Irrepressibles, a long time favourite band for Amelia's Magazine. Images by Helmetgirl.

Written by Andrew Lockwood

The Irrepressibles by Helmetgirl. If Amelia’s Magazine had a wish list of character traits that would perfectly encapsulate its personality then you would struggle to surpass those of Jamie McDermott, one of […]

T-post: the world’s first wearable magazine

Underground phenomenon T-post is a t-shirt, magazine and artwork all in one. Here, head honco Peter tells us why it all began, how it's developed, and how YOU can contribute!

Written by Matt Bramford

T-post is the world’s first wearable magazine. Nope, it isn’t a Vogue-September-Issue-style glossy mag that has been fashioned into a Stephen-Jones-style millinery creation, but a t-shirt that poses as a […]

Smooth As A Milkbbi’s Bottom

Remember Justin Wallis? He's an illustrator who lives in Arkansas and features in Amelia's Anthology of Illustration. He is ace. His new video is called Puppy Love.

Written by Sabrina Morrison

When given the choice to interview a few illustrators for


From One Extreme to the Other at Idea Generation Gallery

As the Nat Finkelstein retrospective enters its final week, Amy Hughes discovers the photographer’s true role in US cultural and political exposé

Written by Amy Hughes

All photographs courtesy of Idea Generation The Warhol connection is a looming one, overshadowing many of the artistic talents tied to it, their skills and achievements gobbled up by all […]

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Hayley Crompton- fashion’s newest graduate

Amelia's magazine introduces an illustrator and print designer extraordinaire

Written by Rachael Oku

Images throughout courtesy of Hayley Crompton When did you graduate? I graduated just this summer from Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication. I studied Fashion with Textiles BA (hons) for […]


SHOWstudio: Fashion Revolution at Somerset House

Written by Rachael Oku

  Image courtesy of Rachael Oku Earlier last week I ventured down to Somerset House to see the eagerly anticipated SHOWstudio: Fashion Revolution exhibition which charts this rise of the […]


Art Listings October 26 – November 1


Written by Jessica Stokes

Drawing Attention The Dulwich Picture Gallery has been graced with a showcase of 100 master drawings from the Art Gallery of Ontario. The great masters from Picasso and Matisse, to […]

lfw 09 – Audrey Ang – Statement Jewels

Kabiri September 2009

Written by Katie Antoniou

Jewellery store Kabiri has made a name for itself showcasing emerging artists, united by their unique and eclectic aesthetic. Their latest success is the Auds label, designed by Central Saint […]