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An interview with illustrator Julie Vermeille

We speak with illustrator Julie Vermeille about her background, creative process, and just what inspires her whimsical collages.

Written by Caitlin Sinclair

Julie Vermeille Beautiful Coincidences
Beautiful Coincidences. All photography provided courtesy of Julie Vermeille

What were your surroundings like growing up?
I grew up in a small town outside Paris –Dad is a teacher and musician and Mum is also a teacher, and always interested in interiors. Our home was filled with textiles, and we were close to the country, so there were lots of trees around –all these aspects influence my work.

Julie Vermeille Beautiful Coincidences
Did you study illustration, or did you come across it intuitively?
I knew quite early on that I wanted to do art, and in the last two years of high school it was my specialty subject –I was always interested in using ink, thread and stitching. As a teenager I first thought of being a theatre designer because I liked the idea of creating a world or atmosphere, and I think this still what I am trying to do when I… read more

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