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Beach Break 2010 Review

A sunny weekend in Wales (it can happen) was the perfect setting to discover hot new bands, and check in with the always superb Vampire Weekend.

Written by Laura Nineham

details on request attraction seminar kerry hyndman
Saturday night saw the end of a series of seminars organised by Details on Request, hospital a small collective of artists in East London, on ‘irrelevant learning’. Hosted by ‘creative technician’ Andrew Jeremy Houghton-Robinson, it was two hours of ‘debate’ that explored the idea of how we are attracted to thing. Sold as a conversation about the effect advertising can have on us, the public, it became a messy exchange of thoughts and the Gossip Café’s charming garden was left resembling a chaotic classroom.

Houghton-Robinson was quick to utter the philosopher’s mantra of “there are no right answers”, but if he’d had one it wouldn’t have been taken seriously anyway. As he sort to outline his theory with a series of basic illustrations and loose metaphors about good and evil you could sense everyone was wishing they were watching the music drifting across from the Little London Fields festival up the road. But on he went.

We must be aware of the dark arts used by advertising, Houghton-Robinson warned before showing us a clip of the eerie child snatcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. “So do you think advertising is a child snatcher then?” Bingo. We’d hit the jackpot. And as the rain began to sneak through the assorted umbrellas gathered above us it seemed as good a time as any to make for the exit.… read more

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