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Introducing Artspotter: the App for Art Lovers

Arts enthusiast and entrepreneur Raphaëlle Heaf tells us about her new art lover's app, designed to connect people and venues all over the world.

Written by Amelia Gregory


Raphaëlle Heaf is the brains behind Artspotter, a brand new app designed to bring together art lovers and arts venues all over the world. Here she describes how the Artspotter works and why you should use it to start connecting with other art lovers today.

What is special about Artspotter?
We really see ourselves as an art startup. ArtSpotter is more than just an events listings map. I’ve worked in the art world for many years and felt there was something missing to help people discover what was going on in the art world, wherever you were. That’s where I felt that through a community it would bring about a way to map everything that was going on, so read more

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