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Felder Felder: London Fashion Week S/S 2013 Catwalk Review

A grown-up collection with a hint of rock n' roll, the Felder sisters showed their S/S 2013 offerings at Somerset House on Friday 14 September with a special guest performance by Kate Nash…

Written by Matt Bramford

Felder Felder S/S 2013 by Claire Kearns

So it's bloody fashion week again! Comes around quickly, doesn't it? Every six months, in fact. I hadn't allowed myself to get too excited or stressed this time around, so when I arrived at Somerset House on Friday evening for my first show of the season - Felder Felder - I was hoping they could whip me up in to a fashion frenzy. I decided to go and register first, quickly filing past streetstyle snappers taking pictures of other streetstyle snappers with birds in their hair and toilet seats around their necks. As I registered I recognised the dulcet tones of an Essex girl and glanced over noticing it was Lydia from TOWIE, a somewhat fashion week darling these days. I love Lyds and she looked gorgeous, but I couldn't help noticing that her stylist had been a bit over-zealous with the eyebrow tweezers. I'm… read more

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Lucky’s London Exclusive Chocolate Cake Collection inspired by Alice in Wonderland: Honey Time

Lucky's London have produced a unique new range of cake based luxury chocolates inspired by Alice in Wonderland: I got stuck into their Honey Time gift box. Nom nom nom.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Lucky’s Honey Time chocolates by Kirstie Battson. Love chocolate? Love cake? How about a unique combination of the two? Well, information pills the good people at Lucky’s London have decided […]